Kalkion is becoming Kalkion @ The Mukt (K@TM)

Dear Kalkion readers, writers and fans, Kalkion is merging with our sister site The Mukt. The Mukt is an Open Culture magazine with strong focus on science, technology, culture and art. From today onwards Kalkion’s vault of stories/articles/poems will enter ‘archive’ mode, which means no new stories will be published on All new stories will be published in The Mukt under a section called 'Kalkion by The Mukt.'

How 3D Printing Will Revolutionize Our World As We Know It

We've all been learning a lot about 3D printing from a technology standpoint in the media lately but do consumers and businesses really comprehend how this new revolution will dramatically impact their lives forever? That's the question answered in a newly launched book, The JOOM Destiny - How 3D Printing Will Revolutionize Your World.

Ardal O'Hanlon, John Thomson and Jaime Winstone to Star in After Hours on Sky

Irish funnyman, and one of the best at that - Ardal O'Hanlon is to star in a new comedy drama from Sky. Alongside him will be excellent John Thomson and Jaime Winstone The name of the show? 'After Hours' And no it is not a TV spinoff - a la 'Fargo' - of The Scorsese/Dunne classic but an ode to growing up in a northen English town where young buck James Tarpey plays the hero, Willow Hannigan and Ardal plays his dad.

Liquid Diamond - a world filled with mythical creatures

In The Wilderness Of Russia, ten-year-old Natalia falls through a cave portal known as the Liquid Diamond and lands in a world filled with mythical creatures. Here amongst cockatrices, blemmyes and elves, Natalia meets Catalyst, a boy of half-human, half-krusnik vampire hunter descent.

Lost in Time and Space: An Unofficial Guide to the Uncharted Journeys of Doctor Who

Hasslein Publishing has announced the release of Lost in Time and Space: An Unofficial Guide to the Uncharted Journeys of Doctor Who, written by Matthew J Elliott. Lost in Time and Space--the first of Hasslein's two Doctor Who reference guides, to be followed by Who After 50: Celebrating Five Decades of Doctor Who, by Brian J Robb and Paul Simpson.

The Lady from Shanghai back in cinemas with 4K restoration

Written, produced, directed and starring the master, Orson Welles, The Lady from Shanghai is back in cinemas from 25 July in a new 4K restoration.

New Comic Book Mini-series 'Escape from Zombie Earth'

Arkham Massachusetts, USA is now overrun with the undead! Thanks to the work of Doctor Herbert West and his followers, the world has been reborn into a zombie playground. There are some survivors who say that it is the will of Cthulhu and the Great Old Ones that man’s domination of the world should come to an end. Yet, a strange hope lies deep beneath the campus of Miskatonic University.

That David Mitchell is a lucky bastard

That David Mitchell is a lucky bastard. Gifted, satirical with a twangy voice that places him as the Classic English Public Schoolboy, he shocked the world (or at least the world that knows him) by snagging the smart, sexy, heavy-chested-and that's a good thing - cardsharp, Victoria Coren.(Mitchell) For those of you who haven't a clue who these people are - short bio's of them appear below. And for those of you who ask, 'Why should we care?' - watch this video of the very funny Mr Mitchell and if you laugh - read on.

Zombiology Infects Brighton

World-renowned Theoretical Zombiologist Doctor Austin is bringing his newest lecture, Brain of the Dead, to the Brighton Fringe in May. This, his third public lecture in the field of Zombiology, lifts the lid on the Zombie brain and provides a fascinating insight into the undead threat.

Pointless, the BBCTV Quiz Show Launches App On Android

Fans of the UK quiz show with laughs, 'Pointless' have now got an Android app to keep themselves amused between episodes. Hosts Alexander Armstrong (he of Armstrong & Miller fame) and Richard Osman (he being the UK's tallest presenter) will guide players as they challenge friends or participate in their own game. Just like the TV show, obscure knowledge is the key to success and competitors must score fewer points than their opponent by giving an answer no-one else thought of.

Gravity Author Tess Gerritsen Sues Warner Bros. for Breach of Contract

In 1999, the feature film rights to Tess Gerritsen's novel Gravity were sold outright to the motion picture company Katja Motion Picture Corporation and its parent company New Line Productions. While that project was still in development, Ms. Gerritsen wrote and submitted additional material, including scenes of satellite debris colliding with the International Space Station, the total destruction of ISS, and the surviving female astronaut left adrift in her space suit, alone and untethered. As far as Ms. Gerritsen knew, efforts to develop her novel into a film ended in 2002.

Ukraine 1932/3, the Holodomor terror-famine, The Way Of Vengeance

The Ukraine ‘set’ eBook novel The Way Of Vengeance, is inspired by real events in eastern Ukraine during the Holodomor terror-famine of 1932/3. Written by UK author and copywriter William D Spencer, the book has recently been purchased by UK Library Services in Leicester and Hampshire, making the title broadly available to readers across the counties.

Future Perfect – New Speculative Fiction Trilogy - Coming Soon

Elsewhen Press, an independent UK publisher specialising in Speculative Fiction, has signed up for a science-fiction suspense trilogy by scientist and medical writer Katrina Mountfort. The Blueprint trilogy takes us to a future in which men and women are almost identical, and personal relationships are forbidden. Following a bio-terrorist attack, the population now lives within comfortable Citidomes. MindValues advocate acceptance and non-attachment. The BodyPerfect cult encourages a tall thin androgynous appearance, and looks are everything.

Which Nation is the 'Dumbest' When it Comes To Languages?

Pimsleur Language Programs has released its first survey after 50 years in the language industry. It's called Americans and Language: Perceptions and Realities, and hopefully it will shame the citizens of that fair land to wiki more on the world around them, rather than cooing over celebrity bio's.

The Children Who Time Lost Mixes Sci-Fi, Time Travel, Dystopia And Steam Punk

Marvin Amazon has released his new novel, The Children Who Time Lost. A mix of time travel and steam punk, this new book begins in a dystopian world where humans are almost totally incapable of procreation, one woman’s story keeps hope alive.

NASA's Voyager 1 Space Probe Reaches Interstellar Space

NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft officially is the first human-made object to venture into interstellar space. The 36-year-old probe is about 12 billion miles (19 billion kilometers) from our sun.

Author Challenges Stereotypes in New Futuristic Novella

Fantasy/Fiction/African-American author Wm Kane takes direct aim at the lack of representation of people of color in popular fiction in his latest novella, Last Things, and asks “Why can’t a Black hero or heroine save the world?”

The Demon of the Well: A rhyming fantasy ebook

Inspired by the National Geographic's expedition to China's Xinjiang Province in 1979, "The Demon of the Well" tells of a trader plying the Old Silk Road many centuries ago.

The Finisher, New Fantasy Novel By David Baldacci Coming Next Spring

Scholastic has acquired North American rights to The Finisher, a new fantasy novel for children by author David Baldacci. Scheduled for release on March 4, 2014 and aimed at readers ages 9-13, The Finisher follows the adventures of a determined young heroine named Vega Jane who lives in an ordinary world with extraordinary secrets.

NASA's WISE Finds Mysterious Centaurs May Be Comets

The true identity of centaurs, the small celestial bodies orbiting the sun between Jupiter and Neptune, is one of the enduring mysteries of astrophysics. Are they asteroids or comets? A new study of observations from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) finds most centaurs are comets.