Future Perfect – New Speculative Fiction Trilogy - Coming Soon

Elsewhen Press, an independent UK publisher specialising in Speculative Fiction, has signed up for a science-fiction suspense trilogy by scientist and medical writer Katrina Mountfort. The Blueprint trilogy takes us to a future in which men and women are almost identical, and personal relationships are forbidden. Following a bio-terrorist attack, the population now lives within comfortable Citidomes. MindValues advocate acceptance and non-attachment. The BodyPerfect cult encourages a tall thin androgynous appearance, and looks are everything.

Which Nation is the 'Dumbest' When it Comes To Languages?

Pimsleur Language Programs has released its first survey after 50 years in the language industry. It's called Americans and Language: Perceptions and Realities, and hopefully it will shame the citizens of that fair land to wiki more on the world around them, rather than cooing over celebrity bio's.

The Children Who Time Lost Mixes Sci-Fi, Time Travel, Dystopia And Steam Punk

Marvin Amazon has released his new novel, The Children Who Time Lost. A mix of time travel and steam punk, this new book begins in a dystopian world where humans are almost totally incapable of procreation, one woman’s story keeps hope alive.

NASA's Voyager 1 Space Probe Reaches Interstellar Space

NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft officially is the first human-made object to venture into interstellar space. The 36-year-old probe is about 12 billion miles (19 billion kilometers) from our sun.

Author Challenges Stereotypes in New Futuristic Novella

Fantasy/Fiction/African-American author Wm Kane takes direct aim at the lack of representation of people of color in popular fiction in his latest novella, Last Things, and asks “Why can’t a Black hero or heroine save the world?”

The Demon of the Well: A rhyming fantasy ebook

Inspired by the National Geographic's expedition to China's Xinjiang Province in 1979, "The Demon of the Well" tells of a trader plying the Old Silk Road many centuries ago.

The Finisher, New Fantasy Novel By David Baldacci Coming Next Spring

Scholastic has acquired North American rights to The Finisher, a new fantasy novel for children by author David Baldacci. Scheduled for release on March 4, 2014 and aimed at readers ages 9-13, The Finisher follows the adventures of a determined young heroine named Vega Jane who lives in an ordinary world with extraordinary secrets.

NASA's WISE Finds Mysterious Centaurs May Be Comets

The true identity of centaurs, the small celestial bodies orbiting the sun between Jupiter and Neptune, is one of the enduring mysteries of astrophysics. Are they asteroids or comets? A new study of observations from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) finds most centaurs are comets.

NASA Hubble Finds New Neptune Moon

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has discovered a new moon orbiting the distant blue-green planet Neptune, the 14th known to be circling the giant planet.

New Book 'Nano Surveillance' Portends the Future in Public Surveillance

Nano Surveillance, a fast paced political techno-thriller by Mark Donovan, offers a frightening glimpse into the possible future of surveillance using nanotechnology. Where a government, or others, can silently infect specific targets or an entire population with bio-nanoscopic material that renders its unwitting victims’ lives an open book to be overseen and controlled.

Buckle Up For A Trip To A New World: A Review Of 'Red Sky, Blue Moon'

The world of Red Sky, Blue Moon (by Bruce Golden) is unlike any you've seen, and yet some of its inhabitants are as familiar as yesteryear's serials. Aliens who may have seeded the first life on Earth return eons later, collect humans in massive groups from various societies (along with animals from their environs), and transplant them on another world as a sort of science experiment. More than a millennium later, these transplanted cultures have evolved differently than their forbearer's who were left behind.

R. L. Vogeler’s “Reminiscence of an American Dream”

Part horror and part criminal thriller, R. L. Vogeler’s “Reminiscence of an American Dream” looks at the powerful, real emotions that can be felt after losing a loved one. Written for fans of horrors, especially works by Thomas Harris and Bret Easton Ellis, this novel follows one man who loses the American dream he worked so hard to achieve.

New Sci-Fi Thriller 'SABER Ladder' by Cory Richardson

In the 2090’s, it’s a much different world. The United States is controlled by a foreign power. The largest businesses in each state are “work farms.” There are no prisons. Crimes are paid in the most unusual ways. Mind manipulating “4M” devices have been extensively used for decades for “rehabilitation” and replacing drug therapy. The 4M machines have now advanced to the point of a bold new usage – Supernatural Exposures.

A Perfect Armenian, a family's survival of the Armenian Genocide

April 24 marked the anniversary of the largest genocide you have never heard of: the Armenian genocide. Michigan author Keri Topouzian 's book, A Perfect Armenian, captures the suspense and fear of that time through the story of a good man born into a life of violence, illegal business, and tough decisions.

Missing Weeds, with an "UnDead" Twist to America's Drug War

"Missing Weeds," a new horror-thriller novel by first-time author Tony Thomas, follows a young lawyer whose relaxing weekend away quickly unravels into a terrifying fight for survival. Andy Sykes and his old college friends are plunged into battling ravenous creatures after stumbling across a marijuana farm hidden deep in Yosemite.

Did You Read To Your Child Last Week?

It's been nearly 2 decades since Hart-Risley's "30 Million Word Gap" study, making the case that reading out loud to young children increases their vocabulary and, ultimately, overall academic success.

The Lord of the Ring Dings, A Parody

The Lord of the Rings is one of the most successful and well-known stories of all-time. As such, the books and movies are ripe for parody. And that's what one fan, Stuart Anderson, has written, with his new book The Lord of the Ring Dings.

Fans Invited To Play A Part In Restoring Cult British Film

A British comedy set on the London fetish club scene that became a cult success after being dropped by the BBC as too racy is now launching a campaign to raise funds so that it can be digitally restored and revived for the Fifty Shades generation.

Advertising To Children

This is part of a series of blog posts that is inspired by our (Kamiel Choi) baby daughter, Miru.

I promised to write about the relentless assault on young children by corporations and their henchmen, the marketeers. I am afraid that they will somehow devise a way to creep into Miru’s head before I have detected and neutralized the threat. That they will invade her fragile mind with Trojan horses belching with greasy, sugary, carcinogenic, evil. Paranoia?

Semmant, A Provocative New Novel by Vadim Babenko

A brilliant scientist creates a brilliant robot. Working together, they beat the stock market. But which one will survive the battle for love?